Paddy goes into the patent office……

Paddy goes to the patent office, having invented a new mouse trap. It consists of a ramp with a razor blade at the top, set at right angles. Below the drop is a piece of cheese.

Patent officer: “How does it work then?”

Paddy: “Quite straightforward. The mouse walks up the ramp. When he leans over to get the cheese his neck goes onto the razor blade and it slits his throat”.

Patent officer: “Stupid git! There wouldn’t be nearly enough pressure to slit its throat. Get out of my office and don’t come back until you’ve perfected it”.

After months of head scratching Paddy makes a single but vital modification: he removes the cheese. He proudly returns to the patent office and puts the trap on the desk.

Patent officer: “OK, smart arse, enlighten me”.

Paddy: “Simple. Mouse walks up the ramp, leans over onto the razor blade and slits his throat…”

Patent officer: “Feck off, that’s exactly the same as before.”

Paddy: “No, no. This time he moves his head from side to side saying ‘”where’s the fecking cheese?” ”

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